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Why Does it say Hand Made on your watches, are your watches really Swiss Made?

All our watches meet and greatly exceed the Swiss government's designation of watches needing to be 60% to bare the marking Swiss Made. Our K1 movement is 98.26% Swiss, with only two parts coming from Germany as there are no options for their production in Switzerland.  Additionally, a watch with a movement that is not Swiss Made cannot apply for Swiss chronometer certification and both our K1 and K-TOU movements reach this level, a level that only 3% of the Swiss watches made can reach.  We are therefore more Swiss than the majority of the brands on the market, however our precious timepieces take an incredible amount of hand work by a team from all corners of the globe and this is why we have Hand Made on our dial and Swiss Made on the movement.  Swiss Made is easy, however premium Hand Made watches are challenging.


Can I buy HORAGE products online?

Yes, we sell worldwide through our own HORAGE online shop to ensure stable pricing and reliability.


Who is paying delivery, import & VAT costs?

All HORAGE products shown on our website contain Swiss VAT. When we ship outside of Switzerland we will also cover all costs attributed to your countries import duties and local taxes, excluding the Tourbillon 1 watch. Please note that if your country has a luxury tax you will be required to pay that amount.


Can I buy HORAGE products from a local retailer?

Yes, we have a growing number of local retailers worldwide that are authorized by HORAGE to sell our products. Local Retailers sell our products through our registered BrandCloud retail app.


Is there any price difference between online shopping and shopping at a local retailer?

No, every authorized HORAGE retailer is acting as an extension of our online shop. Retailers and our online shop operate from the same system to be able to offer the best possible deals.


How can I be sure that a local retailer is having my preferred HORAGE product on stock?

All retailers have access to all HORAGE stock at anytime from anywhere.  If they do not have it in-store we can quickly expedite an order to their location on your behalf.


What should I do with the QR-code applied on the HORAGE products?

Please keep it in a safe place as this is your official warranty reference. You can scan every HORAGE QR-code with any QR-code scanning APP to get additional product information. The code also assures the authenticity of the product.


I am having issues at checkout with either credit card or PayPal, is there another way to complete payment?

Yes, you can either send us a note directly when logged in to the website or email us at with watch of your choice and we will work with you on completing your order by bank transfer.


Why do I have to enter my contact information during purchase?

By providing your contact data we can do two things at the same time. Assure that your transaction with us is saved as we require either email or your phone number and we are able to then immediately activate your warranty during the process of your purchase at your local retailer. Furthermore we can expedite your warranty, service or repair inquiries. Your data will only be used for this transaction, we will not use your data further unless you authorize us to do so.


How can I return HORAGE products?

In case of problems with your product please contact either your local retailer or connect directly with us via email at


What are the conditions of warranty on HORAGE products?

Our warranty terms and conditions underly the Swiss law. Please view the warranty, service and repair section for a detailed overview.


How do I send my watch in for service or repair and what is the process?

Please visit our warranty, service and repair section.

For more info on HORAGE, please email:

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