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HORAGE watches have a standard 2 year (24 Month) warranty from the time of purchase. Any manufacturer defects that are presented to HORAGE within 2 years from time of purchase will be repaired and or any parts replaced and shipped back to you without cost. Our warranty covers any manufacturer defects, but excludes normal wear and tear, lack of proper product care, damage from improper use or accidents and general negligence.

What is the HORAGE 2 x 2 warranty?

It’s simple, every watch is automatically covered for 2 years from its original date of purchase and when the first paid watch service is made between year 2 & year 3 from the date of purchase, HORAGE will extend an additional 2 year warranty on the watch. Only warranty and service work carried out by HORAGE authorized service providers is valid. 

How do you send in a watch for service?

Keep your guarantee paper and QR code associated with your watch in a safe place. Contact us at to order your service and include a copy of your guarantee paper and QR code in your email. Carefully package your watch and we will send Fedex over to pick it up from you. 
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