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Service & Repair

Our movements are the workhorses encased in metal and sapphire crystal to keep you running on time. Anything and everything that is mechanical in our world requires a little TLC from time to time and your wrist watch is no exception. Service and the fee’s for service apply to watches that are still in working order, and service denotes cleaning and general maintenance applied to the watch.
You can be rest assured that your HORAGE timepiece will be cared for, serviced and returned to you as it was intended to function when purchased. Please note that watches that you wish to have serviced should only be sent to us after 24 months of use if running correctly as watches are covered by our 2 year warranty from your date of purchase.
Over time due to regular wear and tear or an unplanned incident your watch may become damaged and could need repair. Damage that is not associated with being a manufacturer defect should be repaired. The process for preparing and sending your watch for repair is very similar to a service as the same processes apply with an additional assessment of repairs, related costs and the need for your confirmation prior to commencing repair work. After our final assessment of the repair work to be done we will notify you via email of costs related to the repair that are over an above our regular service fee. Once we receive confirmation and payment from you we will commence with the repair work. 

Preparing Your Watch For Service or Repair

To ensure our stringent standards of service are met all service and repair work must be conducted at our facility in Biel Switzerland or a global HORAGE authorized service provider who has been trained by our watchmakers in Biel, Switzerland. Arranging service or repair is easy and to do so simply contact us at Please include in your email a copy of your guarantee paper or QR code associated with your watch and our representative will arrange a Fedex pickup.  If you have a repair needed we encourage you to describe the issues you are having with the watch and to include a few digital images if the repair work is on the exterior of the watch.

Quality Service & Repair Expectations

With every service a watch is disassembled and the movement completely overhauled by our in-house watchmakers or authorized service provider under flow boxes. Every movement part is visually analyzed under daylight and inspected for no less than 20 seconds per part. This means your movement is completely disassembled, with every part checked, cleaned and lubricated where necessary. Furthermore, should we have any technological improvements made to our movements we will retro-fit them to your watch. After your movement is re-assembled and tested for accuracy and for the run time of your watches power reserve we will inspect your case, bracelet and or strap. All cases and bracelets will be cleaned and case seals replaced. Once your watch is finally re-assembled we will conduct a pressure test to ensure your watch meets its specified water resistance. The final step is a quality control assessment prior to packaging and sending your timepiece home to you.
Your watch will be vacuum sealed and packed whenever possible in the packaging that it was received by us in and shipped back to you via Fedex. We ask that when you receive your watch that you wind it and set the time before wearing. For those following us on our social channels, we would love to see you share a wrist shot of your newly serviced watch @horageswiss.
With regards to repairs we follow the same processes as above, however we will notify you of additional work needed to be done and the costs attributed to the repair.  After we have received a reply from you confirming the repair work and the payment for repair we will commence with finalizing the repair work.

Service Steps

Here are the steps we take when servicing your watch.

Watch Disassembly 

  • Bracelet or strap is removed from case

  • Case is completely disassembled 

Movement & Parts Cleaning

  • Movement is disassembled