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Thank you for taking part! Entries are now Closed.  Official draw scheduled for September 12th, 2021

Tourbillon $1

Enter To Win A Swiss Toubillon

It's been a wild ride and we have turned a lot of heads with creating the most accessible price entry Swiss Made flying tourbillon, the Tourbillon 1.  We thought it would be fun to turn a few more heads and offer watch enthusiasts a once in a lifetime chance at winning a touribllon.


As a way of closing the chapter on this development we have prepared three, one of a kind tourbillons based on the La Joux Perret prototype movement. 


For a donation starting at just $1 you can enter for your chance to win a piece of watchmaking history.


A Little Back Story

When we started accepting preorders for our Tourbillon 1 on March 1st of 2020, things were quite a bit different. We were working with movement manufacturer La Joux-Perret in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and a handful of prototypes were finished for photographing and customer events. This partnership unfortunately fell through. So, in the middle of a global pandemic, we put our heads together and designed and produced our very own tourbillon movement in just 8 months, superior to the original in many ways.

Join The Draw


Win 1 of 3 Watches

We’re now nearing the end of this great Tourbillon 1 adventure as pre-orders officially close on September 1st. During this last week, we looked at those first 5 prototypes from La Joux Perret and wondered what we could do with them. After all, they’re still good movements – Swiss tourbillons in fact – so we decided to case three of them up and make a few watch enthusiasts very happy. 

Rather than sell these unique timepieces at Tourbillon 1 prices to help recoup the cost of the movements, we decided to use this opportunity to give back.


A donation starting at just $1 to enter is all it takes and we’ll then donate all proceeds to help out the next generation of watchmakers. And who knows, we might even invite a few to visit us here in Biel/Bienne where they can dive in and learn from our development team.

Donations will be used to support watchmaking students attending ZeitZentrum a watchmaking school located in Grenchen Switzerland. We have organized this together with Simon Studor a teacher at ZeitZentrum.  Depending on how many donations are generated we would also like to invite a few lucky watchmakers from around the world to visit our watchmaking team and experience assembling their very own tourbillon in the heart of Switzerland. 

Thank you for taking part! Entries are now Closed.  Official draw scheduled for September 12th, 2021