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A mission to deliver the impossible


The first to deliver haute horology at unprecedented value, HORAGE has established itself as a modern Swiss watchmaker that continually brings watchmaking technology and value to the next level.  


Whenever HORAGE sets out to produce a limited edition product the expectation is to go above and beyond what is deemed possible. Our latest tourbillon project is literally creating a new platform for the tourbillon to stand upon.


We understand the current perceived and inflated market value of the products available from competitors in the market.  Additionally we also understand that most brands do not control their production and therefore have ridiculous margin calculations that drive many eager customers out of the market in an attempt to reduce their brands falsified risk and drive a perceived product value into the stratosphere.  


Based on our core value of delivering the impossible at incredible value we have set out to break the barriers of the Swiss tourbillon market and make these horological works of art more accessible to those that have always dreamed of obtaining one.


Unlike the many watch brands touting a “fair price” based on their ability to design a watch we are capable of going a step further in the value chain simply because we control the entire production process. Our unique advantage is that we can control production as we have an in-house engineering, product sourcing and assembly team.


This means that through our journey to create our own movements we have trusted supplier relationships that enable us to oversee and influence our production.  Influencing production is the only true way a brand can deliver the absolute best value product to their customer.


A further bonus to our fans is that we can engineer and implement new technologies unobtainable to those that simply design and market something they have bought off the shelf.

Mission Tourbillon is happening now.  Join the journey before it's too late.

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We have invested heavily in developing our in-house omni-channel distribution software that enables our retail partners to bridge the gap between traditional brick and mortar retail and e-commerce.  To date the majority of scarcity driven campaigns happen through crowdfunding websites and cut out the channels that will actually help serve you, the customer in the future not if, but when your product will need servicing.  


Our omni-channel platform enables us to share our revenues with our retailers and sales partners, which in-turn means you have a physical location to view, purchase and request after sales service from.  Shared revenues reduces risk through the chain of distribution and reduced risk means we can further cut margin and deliver unprecedented value.  


How many brands can do that?

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With Mission Tourbillon we have set out to involve you, the enthusiast in the entire production process.  We have done so to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the stages and processes involved in producing these mechanical wonders we all love so much.  Additionally we believe that by being transparent on our production processes we can greater translate the value add we are delivering to you.  Sharing the journey of your watch with friends and family also helps them to gain a greater appreciation of your love for watchmaking.