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The Evolution of Retail


The Horage Concierge Experience is for watch enthusiasts looking for a VIP consultative experience that is 100% focused on your interests in Horage.


It's an extension of our online and offline retailing options and heightens the traditional retailer experience.


Now open in Taiwan, watch enthusiasts have the option to book the Horage Concierge Experience here via Line or email.


Enthusiasts can choose which agent they would like to meet with.

A Flagship In The Cloud


The flagship location of the Horage Concierge Experience is located at Taipei 101, the island nations tallest and most exclusive building and powered by our in-house cloud retailing platform.


Watch collectors and enthusiasts are greeted in the lobby where they are then taken to a VIP access only level of Taipei 101.


A private lounge, inclusive of espresso and cocktail bar overlooks Taipei and serves as the start point. 


After settling in guests are invited to visit The WatchWall the cloud connected commerce retail concept.

A new location in Taichung is now opening.  Please advise which location you prefer to visit.