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K1 Movement

Our in-house movement K1, is not only beautiful, but a marvel of modern day Swiss horological engineering & development

The Details

The watch world is filled with savvy marketers housing and selling 3rd party technologies as their own.
From our inception, HORAGE took the long road and set out to develop our own technologies that would enable us to deliver a truly unique and technologically advanced product to our customer base.
After a 7 year engineering battle we emerged from the ashes with our in-house movement, K1.
K1 has countless unique attributes that enable it to stand out from the competition and ultimately provide its wearer with reliable piece of mind.
Like the heart of an ultra-runner, K1 has a calm and cool beat rate of 25,200 beats/hour (3.5Hz) compared to competitors in its class operating at 28,800 beats/hour (4Hz). Why is this important?  It extends the power reserve of the watch to 65 hours, meaning you can spend more time admiring and less time winding.
COSC Accuracy
COSC is the official Swiss chronometer testing institute.  For a watchmaker to achieve COSC certification with their movement is the ultimate achievement in accuracy.  Only 3% of mechanical watches reach this standard and K1 enables HORAGE to be a part of this exclusive club. 
Silicon Escapement Technology
The development of our in-house silicon escapement technology has further increased our efficiency and accuracy. The steel escapement wheel, pallet forks and pallet jewels of yesterday are simply no match for silicon. This is because silicon is stronger, lighter and creates an almost frictionless movement that further increases efficiency to ensure a lifetime of reliability for its wearer. 
22 Jewels
With a 22 jewel count, K1 is a mark of true performance engineering.  Jewels are needed when pressure between the pin of a gear and the resting plate exist and this surface pressure can be calculated, and one can determine if a jewel should be used or not. Based on fact, a lower jewel count is a sign that engineers have taken the time to optimise a movements performance.
Modularity was our desire for K1 and this means we looked to include multiple complications inside of one movement. The result is an ultra low profile, balanced movement that reduces the need for top-modules that competitors rely upon. In total K1 has 18 configurable variations and for our customers this means we can achieve a more aesth