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Tourbillon 1 Configurator

Configure your own Tourbillon 1 by choosing your favorite case, movement and strap.

Gold Brushed Case


Blue Movement



You have configured the first ever Horage tourbillon and not only that a tourbillon that is completely in-house from our location in Biel/Bienne Switzerland.  If you have any questions about your tourbillon order feel free to email us directly or send a message in the chat.  

Price of your chosen tourbillon

$12,180 CHF

(VAT & shipping not included)

*ATTENTION* in keeping the price of gold cases as low as possible the original price of the gold case upgrade was 3500 Swiss francs. The price was based on a gold price of 50 USD per gram and today the gold price has increased and may increase more.  At the moment the gold price is 62 USD per gram. Therefore, if the gold price remains above 50 USD per gram when we purchase gold, we will need to increase the case price. For example, if gold remains 62 USD per gram, the price will be recalculated as follows (62-50)/50 x 3500 = 840 USD. This would make the final gold case price 4340 Swiss francs.  Please note we will invoice any increase separately and will be in touch via email

For those interested in obtaining the official COSC certification with your tourbillon you may order this as an additional upgrade. We have limited numbers left of this option so please email us with your interest.  They are first come, first serve and when they are gone they are gone.  The reasoning for the additional measures and cost for chronometer certification is that we must prepare cases for certification in advance.  Chronometer certification is carried out by a Swiss 3rd party that charges a fee for certification and there are steps needed for us to prepare your watch for certification. The cost of this upgrade is 300CHF.

If you decide to cancel your entire order there will be a 100CHF cancellation fee, plus related financial service fees. Please note that local taxes, duties and shipping are not included in the price. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have.


Many thanks!